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Tips To Become The Best Player In Candy Crush 

When it comes to Candy Crush, I always find myself amidst two thoughts- ‘It's such a simple game. I am a pro-gamer. Why am I so tempted by Candy Crush?’ And the other is, ‘How can I become the best player in Candy Crush?’

The duality is natural to happen. It's been 9 years and the popularity of Candy Crush is showing no signs of dipping. It made its debut on Facebook in 2012 by the grace of King Company and soon marched over other platforms like Android, iOS, etc. It's a simple game where players swap candies making matches of 3 or more and step up in levels. You will be given a number of moves to complete the tasks. It's easy, you crush similar candies, and hence the name, Candy Crush.

Earlier I used to think about what good could come out of a simple clicker game. I used to overestimate myself as a player, which you all must have done too. But as soon as I stepped into the games of Candy Crush, I could not move my glued eyes and fingers for hours. It was then that I realised what the craze for Candy Crush is like. Candy Crush is considered to be the best version of using the freemium model of gaming. Although one can easily play the game without making any purchases. The company evolved some ways for the players to get extra credit and actions to keep the fun going.

If you are wondering how you can be the best player in Candy Crush, here's your answer. Try these tips and tricks and become a pro in Candy Crush.

It goes without saying that you have to score higher than the people you know are playing Candy Crush. Line up at least three candies in a row (the more the better) and smash them together. Try going for a bigger amount of candies in every go to keep scoring high every time. It's an addictive puzzler game. So, there is no maximum time to how long you can play. Keep moving ahead in the levels to hype your scores.

Gold or Gold Bars in the game is a premium feature. If you are too serious about Candy Crush, there is no harm in spending some money on purchasing these gold bars. You can get it on the in-app store. You would be able to buy moves, boosters and tickets which would help you unlock higher levels.

Also, you can purchase Booster Boards that are social power-ups for the game. They could help you with the tricky levels.

Be a smart player. Don’t spend money until you can play and win without the bonuses.

One of the things that bring a smile on my face and twinkle to my eyes is the Wrapped Candy feature. Every time you crush candies in ‘T’, ‘+’, or ‘L’ shape, it makes a wrapped candy and the candies surrounding it explode. Likewise, the Candy Bomb feature activates when you smash 5 candies in a row.

Final Words

There are many other tricks to ace Candy Crush. But there would be no fun left for you if I tell you everything. Get into the game and keep getting awed by the amazing surprises that Candy Crush brings.

Keep having fun. You never know when this love for Candy Crush would get reciprocated by the game as well, and make you the best player in Candy Crush.